House Hunting

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Finding the right home when starting a family is one of the major decisions married couples usually make. Whether a couple is newlywed or has been married for several years, making this decision is a huge milestone in itself. I am happy to announce that Tony and I have embarked on a similar journey. Our recent encounter in the garden with the yellow-vented bulbuls (nightingales) has encouraged us to appreciate the world from a different perspective. We now want a home surrounded with nature, along with the sounds and sights that urban dwellers usually take for granted amidst the commotion of everyday city life. To assist us in our selection process, we have summarised a few important factors:

  1. The size of the home. We would prefer our house or houses not to be too large, but not too small either. Just the right size that the family can move around comfortably.  A sufficiently sized entryway would be nice too.
  2. Its location and neighbourhood. It must be situated facing North or South (a Feng Shui thing), with ample security from large animals and access to basic utilities. To be near or beside a body of water is an advantage but not necessary. Friendly neighbours, who all get along are a must. Cultural diversity is not an issue.
  3. The general appearance. A classic, country look with a rustic charm best suits our taste.  We prefer to blend in the neighbourhood’s general atmosphere without colours too bright that will make our home stand out.
  4. Price. It is imperative that the purchase price be kept at a very reasonable level, without having to compromise any of the other factors enumerated above.

After weeks of searching, we fell in love with three houses. One was a log cabin with a porch that had a stunning view of the water, another was a beautiful A-framed house, the third was a modernised cottage with a dramatic entrance and a shingled roof. We couldn’t decide which one to get, so we opted to acquire all three.


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They’re  perfect. I don’t think mortgage payments would be a problem.