When Life Gives You Lemons

How often do we hear these words:


It’s a quick lesson on positivism. An easy pep talk to get us on our feet and move on, but are we ready to make lemonade?

Every now and then life throws punches at us. Some hit us so hard that we see stars. Sometimes it’s a little too hard, that it knocks us out completely. Perhaps losing consciousness isn’t too bad if we end up with temporary amnesia. Then that would be a welcome respite from all the punches, wouldn’t it? That’s positivism at work here, but it’s not exactly lemonade.

The biggest blow can make us weak, hurt and very, very sad. It’s funny though, that even though we hate the pain, we find ourselves actually wanting to soak in a pool of grief for a while. We feel entitled to feel bad. We’re just not ready to make lemonade. So those lemons will just have to wait.

After a while, we grow weary of swimming in despair. We are sick of eating whatever would pass for edible. We are tired of looking at ourselves in the mirror. Those puffy eyes, unruly hair and WRINKLES! Enough already.

It’s been a while and those nice, plump, fresh lemons that have been sitting in a corner aren’t so nice, plump and fresh anymore. But these lemons are still lemons.

So what to do? Add tequila.



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