Party Animal

Having Kate brought out the party animal in us. She was very outgoing and friendly, even as a toddler. Like most parents, we wanted her to enjoy her youth at every phase. So we tried our best to attend every single kiddie party we were invited to, to the point that almost every weekend was packed with celebrations and get togethers that we hardly had any rest. When we managed to find time for some shut-eye, it would be to gear up for yet another party the following day. Although we were pleased that she looked forward to all of them, it became rather exhausting.

Party A2wm

Always the enthusiastic guest, she had the tendency to upstage the birthday celebrant.

Kate was always eager to join all the games and take home as much prizes she could. She didn’t have to win, but she definitely had to be in the thick of things. In parties like these, even non-winners get consolation tokens anyway. We had to come prepared with a couple of empty bags to lug her haul because it was too many to carry them with just our hands. As soon as we got home, her spoils would end up in a messy corner of our house, long forgotten even before we came up our driveway.

L1000251_Fotor_Collage WM

As Kate got older, the invites to these affairs eventually became more infrequent and the celebrations less like wildlife. We attended another kiddie party again after a long while and for the first time it didn’t feel like a workout to me. She no longer took part in the games and even almost refused to accept a loot bag handed to her. While she conversed with other kids her age, Tony and I could mingle with our friends and sampled the snack bar leisurely. I found myself quite amused watching her actually have fun while hardly moving a muscle other than her jaw and a few hand gestures.

A complete turn around in just a span of a few years. The party animal has been tamed for now.


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