The Peanut Guy

Imagine a comedy show, where the characters just instantly pop out of nowhere, not necessarily with a funny quip but with a facial expression that says it all. It instantly makes one burst out laughing. Our family vacations to Puerto Galera can get just as comical with the people we meet along the way.

We frequently take the ferry boat to our favourite beach destination. As soon as we’ve secured our travel tickets, we board the boat and immediately try to get settled in our seats. All of a sudden there he is, looking at us with a huge smile on his face, standing right in front of us. He is holding a large bowl of fried peanuts that he prepared himself. This happens every single time. It’s hilarious.The Peanut Guy

He is one of many peddlers at the port. He sells his homemade peanuts to travellers for only 15 pesos (US$0.30) for every single-serve bag (about 1 oz/30g). When we first met, we were admittedly quite wary. He was a stranger after all. However his persistence and  pleasant demeanor became quite entertaining. He obviously lives a simple life, but he walks around with a light heart and a sense of humour so infectious.

By now, we are familiar faces to him. Even before arriving at the terminal, we have our money set aside and ready for the imminent exchange. We don’t know his name. We just fondly refer to him as The Peanut Guy.


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