Big Daddy Jay’s

With most of my errands scheduled in one side of town that day, I decided to look up some restaurants within the same area for lunch. A stickler for being on time, the worsening traffic situation in the city made it impractical to be travelling too far from my next appointment. I only had about an hour or less to spare for a not-so leisurely meal but I didn’t want to eat in a fast-food or in any of my “usual quick fix places” either. Limiting my meals to mostly vegetables the last several days, my mood was starting to turn savage. I was more than ready to unleash my carnivorous side and reward myself with some meat. I was also feeling adventurous and eager to have something out of the ordinary happening to my rather ho-hum week. Thanks to smartphones and 3G, Google presented me with several options but I zeroed in on a fairly new restaurant that had good reviews, an A/C in place and, hallelujah, they served meat! My choice was made.

Big Daddy Jay’s is a charming little place that serves one of the best barbecue ribs I’ve ever had. It was rather easy to find despite its inconspicuous exterior located in the quiet side of Cubao. The contrasting interior which was a bright red and orange, had helped shift my mood to a kinder shade. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these vibrant hues plus a few words of wisdom posted on the wall somehow had a calming effect on my wildly grumbling stomach.

As I got out of my car, into the sweltering heat I made a mad dash for the A/C and forgot to take a photo of the restaurant's exterior.

As I got out of my car and into the sweltering heat, I made a mad dash for the A/C and forgot to take a photo of the restaurant’s exterior.


The words on this wall just got me all excited. I couldn’t wait to finally sink my teeth into some meat.

I was famished and needed some sustenance pronto. The menu was short, prices were reasonable and my tummy was frantic. For the first time ever, I literally ordered everything on the list.

I ordered the Solo Plate with a siding of baby potatoes.

I ordered the Solo Plate with a siding of baby potatoes…


…and the Tomato-Basil Pasta, Buffalo Wings and Key Lime pie for dessert! I was on a roll and enjoyed every single dish.


Choices were limited, but it definitely did not disappoint.

Their promise fulfilled!

They weren’t kidding!


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