Holdin’ My Breath

Life in the tropics is like living in the summertime all year long. The weather is perfect to strut in those sandals. They’re fashionable and cool, making the sweltering heat more bearable. With the many different styles around, there is one that is suited for every shape and type of feet.6-types-sandalsStrappy sandals don’t usually fit well on my thin, bony hooves. There is just too much headspace that I end up shaking them off after only taking a few steps. If only the flab around my belly would not resist the force of gravity and slide further down closer to the ground, then maybe those strappies could stand a chance.

Being an easy and casual dresser, I wear flats most of the time. The open-toe T-straps (thong) fits securely and I consider them quite flattering. Despite the minimal coverage, these sandals can be quite hazardous in a crowd, but I slip them on often just the same. Although there are times when I am just not in the mood to deal with the perils of foot exposure. All it takes is one individual who decides, whether knowingly or not, to make a railroad track of my tootsies and the rest of the world follows suit. Just to keep my feet from being trampled upon that leave my toes (and my ego) battered and dirty at the end of the day, I have decided that the closed toe version of the T-strap is what I needed.

I’ve been drooling over the styles by Seychelles since it’s soft launch in my area a few months ago. I have followed them on Instagram and been keeping myself up to date with the many weekend pop-up stores they’ve held in various locations. I keep telling myself that I will try them out  week after week…after week. Unfortunately, I have missed every single one.

I finally chanced upon them in one of the stores in the mall where they are consigned. I was in a frenzy, trying on the entire collection. The excitement was overwhelming. It was like I was holding my breath.

The hunt for the closed toe, T-strap sandals is over. The Holdin’ My Breath was perfect, and metallic was definitely the more versatile choice.

Holdin' My Breath by Seychelles in metallic

Holdin’ My Breath by Seychelles in metallic



2 thoughts on “Holdin’ My Breath

  1. Hi! I’ve just come across the brand as well and I’ve been contemplating on getting shoes from there. Thanks for sharing how you liked the shoes! Now, I’m convinced to try them out 🙂

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