Just as soon as Kate turned 9 years old, and at about the time she learned to freestyle and to ride a bike on two wheels, she had asked to take up triathlon.  It was life telling me I was not doing anything enough as a Tri-Wife, so to make better use of my mere existence, I have been (rather pleased to be) appointed to become a Tri-Mom.

Tony and I were so excited that Kate was interested in triathlon that we immediately signed her up for Super Tri-Kids, a multi-sport competition specifically for children.

Kate's first triathlon in 2011 (AG 9-10y/o).

Kate’s first triathlon in 2011 (AG 9-10y/o).

Unlike my version of a “Try-Wife”, being Tri-Mom to Kate is different. I find myself waking up early and without hesitation to prepare breakfast. I would also make it to the start AND finish line of every race. Seeing that her own pre-race jitters are more than enough for her to deal with, I resolved to keep my anxiety and fears all bottled up. I do not nag (most of the time). Unfortunately, I still cannot take decent photographs as I am just too busy being the frazzled mom.

Although whichever hat I wear, whether it’s Tony or Kate racing on that day, one thing is for sure.  The feeling I get whenever they cross the finish line safely and with all smiles is just priceless. I’d breathe a sigh of relief so huge that it sounds almost as if I had completed the triathlon myself.proshots copy

Kate has quite a handful of races tucked under her belt after almost 4 years into the sport. She has moved up a couple of age groups in triathlon and has learned many life lessons along the way. She may not be the strongest of young triathletes, but she competes in every race with so much heart and determination. This nagging, frazzled, all-fumbles-with-a-phone-camera Tri-Mom cannot be prouder. Every finisher is a winner after all.

Alaska IronKids, April 2014

Alaska IronKids, April 2014


2 thoughts on “Tri-Mom

  1. Hi. I can relate – I was the mother of four active and athletic kids who played travel soccer, basketball, baseball and were skier/snowboarders. It was a busy life and I remember how proud I felt when they made a goal, basket, or jumped over a mogul. I’d be interested in learning more about you – as a human being, wife, mother. What are your likes, dislikes, involvements (besides that of tri-wife and tri-mom)? Do you live in Alaska? Have you always? Enjoyed reading your post.

    • Thank you for reading! I am quite new to blogging and I have been having fun with it so far. My posts are mostly about my experiences and my childhood memories. Have a look when you find the time. You will likely find that my topics are a “hodgepodge,” as I am interested in a wide variety of things.

      You probably got the impression that I live in Alaska from the photo of my daughter’s last race. It is actually a popular brand of milk that sponsored the race that day.

      I would love to know about you too and I look forward to your future posts!

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