Newbie Paulie

(Day 18 Writing Assignment: Craft a story from the perspective of a twelve-year-old observing it all.)

k5792223As I walk through the halls of my new school, I can feel eyes on me. Each step I took, I did with great care. I can’t trip and fall on my face, not now. I wanted to make a good enough impression on my first day. With a slew of questions running through my head, I’ve never felt so uncertain and anxious. Is my hair done right? Did I wear my clothes backwards? Do I have my socks on? I brushed my teeth with toothpaste, but did I apply some deodorant too? I am pretty sure I look okay, but why do I feel naked?

imagesAfter what seemed to be an eternity, I finally got to my classroom and took my seat. I tried not to attract too much attention, but everyone seemed to know everyone in the room except me. More questions filled my head. Will I fit in? Will they like me?

Then, as if I had said my thoughts out loud, one of the girls sat in front of me and asked me my name and said, “Are you new?” I smiled at her, nodded my head and said, “I’m Paulie.” Almost instantly, she yelled to the whole group “Guys! This is Paulie, she’s new!” And just like that, I had a swarm of new faces hover over me asking me all sorts of questions. Where did I move from? What sports do I play? What music do I like? Did I have a boyfriend?

So much for not attracting attention, but everyone seemed interested to know about me. It was all so overwhelming to receive such a warm welcome so soon. Then the bell rang and a serious-looking, elderly teacher with thick glasses walked in. His hair was grey and thin. All the students rushed to their seats but remained chatty and excited, still obviously elated over seeing each other again. I didn’t notice a smile on his face, but rather he glared at us and with a firm tone he said, “Everyone. Silence. Now!”

Along with everyone else, I wiped the grin off my face, swallowed hard and thought, ” Uh-oh.”images-1


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