Bag of Dough

(Day 16 Writing Assignment: Describe a day in which you come upon something peculiar, or tell a story about something interesting you find in a pile.)

Ever wonder what it would be like to find a bag full of money? I’ve imagined myself walking down an empty street, with no one in sight. I spot a large duffel bag sitting on the road as if calling me to take it. I hesitate, but I am curious. I look around just to see if the owner just left for a minute to tinkle and will be back for it soon. I wonder too if this was a behavioural science experiment by some college students for a class. Or a police operation in progress where they  surround me with guns pointing at my face as soon as I take the duffel.

DuffelBagMoneyI wait a while. No one shows up. I move closer to the bag. By this time my interest has intensified and I was bent on finding out what’s in it. I decide to be reckless and just unzipped the pack. As soon as I did, I didn’t hear any sirens blaring, and no one came forward to explain any experimentation process or claim ownership either. The bag was filled with money, lots and lots (and lots) of it. It was a beautiful sight but it wasn’t mine…yet.

What happens next is quite predictable. I take it home, and thank the heavens for the shower of love. I share my blessings with a few charitable institutions. I set some aside to secure my daughter’s future. I book a few flights to travel and see the world. I go on a shopping spree. I live the life.

Now if only there was a magical way to make all my wishes come true, I would really like to find my bag of dough just about now.


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