Stepping Away

(Day 15 Writing Assignment: You discover an event that’s dear to your heart will be cancelled forever. Write about it.)

step aero clipartIn my heyday, I was obsessed with Step Aerobics. I just “stepped” away — far, far away–to fitness, for as often as I can. Wanting to resume my fitness levels after a long hiatus seemed like an endless and painful journey. When the pounds started to pile up over a span of a decade, I tried to search for the familiar Step classes to enrol in. I was heartbroken to learn that it has become obsolete (and so have I), in favour of more sophisticated and complicated moves that my knees could not handle.

I have shared this experience in a previous post, where after much trial and error, I have accepted that modern day fitness classes like Zumba, Kickboxing, Body Attack or Body Combat (the names alone intimidate me) are just not my thing. They could actually even be the death of me.

To stay fit, I have discovered the joys of running and I do so as often as my schedule allows me to. Heaven forbid if this routine ends up outdated again.


6 thoughts on “Stepping Away

  1. Thank goodness I thought I was the only one…..although I enjoy dancing am just unable to keep up at zumba……instructor much too sexy, much too agile, much too fit and leaves me feeling quite intimidated which I’m sure bless her she doesn’t mean to.

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