The Shoebox

(Day 11 Writing Assignment: Tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve.)

It was known in our neighbourhood as “The Shoebox.” Built in the late 1970’s, it seemed my father was rather hipster even back then. His architectural style was extraordinary, that our house stood out like a sore thumb in the village, as it did resemble a white shoebox. I was only 6 years old when we moved into the house.

I shared a room with my older sister, but I didn’t spend much time in it. My siblings and I would rather be playing in our garden adjacent to the house.  Patintero, Touch Ball, Hide and Seek, and even Croquet were the usual games we would entertain ourselves with. When the weather was not suitable for outdoor play, my brother and I invented a spy game just to amuse ourselves while trapped indoors.Spy GamesThe spy game was simple and rather silly. We called it “S-P-S-P-Y-Y-Y” and would chant these letters in excitement right before getting into it. The objective was to sneak our way from one of the rooms upstairs to the servants’ bathroom downstairs without being spotted by anyone who was not part of our game. We had walkie-talkies and communicated in morse code as props. Although we had to ditch them eventually because all the noise got us detected and failed our “mission.” When we made it successfully to our destination, we would hide behind the door and wait patiently for someone to enter before we yelled “Boo!” We laughed so hard and got a kick out of it every time that we did this over and over again until it got stale.

The house has gone through a few renovations since then. It may not look exactly like it did during our spy days, but the memories remain vivid in my mind and it always makes me smile. I will forever be the little girl that lived in The Shoebox.


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