Summer Bloom

(Day 13 Writing Assignment: Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something.)

photo_Fotor copyShe was quite large. It was easy to spot her in a crowd. I could tell that she didn’t enjoy the attention. She didn’t like being fussed over. She preferred to be left alone in an indistinct and quiet corner. While others would probably misinterpret her disposition as haughty, I knew she was just painfully shy. Despite all her efforts to keep to herself, she hardly ever went unnoticed. That was not just because of the enormity of her body, but she was also quite lovely. Everyone that saw her would stop to take a second glance. She was beautiful.

I cared for her in the way that she wanted to and gave her all that she needed to get by. I didn’t want to be obtrusive. For years we carried on this way. It was simple and easy.  Then for the first time, after what almost seemed like an eternity of reclusive existence, she smiled at me. Out of the blue, she bestowed on me a precious gift. She bloomed the most exquisite flower.

It wasn’t February, but it felt like Valentine’s Day. And just like that, my summer was made.


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