(Day 10 Writing Assignment: Be inspired by a favourite childhood meal.)

Rearing children to have good eating habits can be a challenge. Some parents go through great lengths just to get their kids to ingest a few spoonfuls at mealtimes. Although I was a very active child, it wasn’t difficult to pull me out of playtime to sit down and eat. In fact, dining was such a pleasure that is was always the highlight of my day.  imagesI have fond memories of being encouraged to finish my meals first among my siblings or ahead of whoever was sitting at the table with me. It was like a race. The victor enthusiastically raises both arms like a true winner while yelling “champion!” To add further excitement, one can be affirmed a title holder if, and only if, the plate was clean of any left over food. I took on this challenge everyday, three times a day. I got to raise my arms almost all the time, and stood up from the table with a deep sense of accomplishment and pride. I didn’t realise then that I would pay a hefty price (in terms of pounds/kilograms) for winning all those contests later in life.478x316_1321-fat-kidAs a child, I don’t recall ever having any eating problems. I was never picky with food, and I consumed what was on my plate with gusto and much enthusiasm each and every time. So, it’s difficult to decide on a favourite childhood meal when I enjoyed virtually everything that was served to me. Every meal was a favourite meal after all.


2 thoughts on “Champion!

  1. I am the same, I can’t remember being picky with food as a child. In my young adult life a few things, now back to almost everything. Though I draw the line at too many desserts or the ‘bad stuff’, at my age can’t afford to do that any longer ..sadly.

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