Shenandoah On My Mind

Sigh. I officially made it only half way through the Writing 101 course on WordPress. We had family over from overseas and I was making the most of our short time together. I thought I could squeeze in some writing while they were visiting but I found myself exhausted (but happy) by the end of each day, unable to write let alone think. However, I have decided that I will not let what I’ve started go to waste. The course is officially closed, but I will complete all the assignments just the same. So, here I am picking up where I left off.

(Day 9 Writing Assignment: Write a scene at the park.)

After a big dinner, going up and down the stairs is just not enough. I needed more space to cover to help relieve this uncomfortable feeling of fullness. I decided to walk out to Shenandoah Park to digest. It was a cool, quiet evening with no one in sight. Perhaps everyone else was still enjoying their meal, whereas I had just gobbled mine down like I was engaged in some eating contest and was vying for champion. Shenandoah

I walked the park alone but I didn’t mind. It was rather pleasant and peaceful. I kept walking aimlessly, enjoying the serenity of the moment. I could hear only the sound of the wind between the trees. The leaves were rustling slowly and gently. Marbled shades of blue and grey, with touches of orange and yellow adorned the sky. My evening stroll was more delightful than I expected. I was still feeling full, but less uncomfortable. I just kept on, taking deep breaths and enjoying my surroundings.

All of a sudden I felt surge of heat on my arm. It was not a mild, soothing warmth but a scalding and painful sensation that shocked me. I didn’t even realise that my eyes were closed until I opened them and saw my arm covered with a stinging, brown liquid. My server accidentally spilled hot coffee on me and awakened me from a nap.

I could have sworn I was at the park, but I guess I never made it out the door.


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