Coffee And Go

(Day 8 Writing Assignment: Go to a public location, make a detailed report of what you see. Write without adverbs.)

Toby's EstateIt was mid-day and I wanted a caffeine fix. I walked over to Toby’s Estate. I was a little surprised that it was a tiny place with just a single counter to take orders, a barista, an impressive-looking coffee machine and of course, bags upon bags of coffee beans. The well-lit display case, showcasing an assortment of mouth-watering pastries were a temptation I had to duel with. There was nobody else there, perhaps because I had wolfed down my meal before anyone could say “Lunch Break.”

It was like entering a train station, with its white tiled walls, stainless counters and mock directional signs to complete the setting. There were no other tables and chairs for customers to lounge in. There was just a lone steel table on the right and a few wood-top stools. The other side was a condiments station. The no nonsense “coffee and go” concept is clear.

I requested for the Cortado. I loved it. It was the perfect fix I needed. As soon as I took my last sip of coffee, the crowd started to trickle in and I knew it was time for me to go.Cortado


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