The Boss

(Day 3 Writing Assignment :  Celebrate three songs that are significant to you. Write for 15 minutes without stopping.)

musical notesSignificant songs change with the seasons. I cannot for the life of me zero in on just three songs at the moment. And no, this is not a post about Bruce Springsteen.

I celebrate. I grieve. I love. I fume. I calm down. I get goofy, silly and looney. I do just about everything with music. My preferences are wide and varied too.  I can be calm and collect, listening to classical tunes one minute, then be swaying my body, in a futile effort to resemble a popular dance step, to the beat of modern pop in the next.

I love how music has the power to set one’s mood or to create an ambiance. It’s amazing how we are driven down the path of nostalgia just by hearing a familiar tune. Little do we know that music is the unassuming boss of life.

When we turn off our stereo, before stepping out of the car, we don’t realise it but we have actually been infected. The Last Song Syndrome or LSS has the unique capacity to make or break one’s day. There is just no way to shake it off once it settles in. Posing as the annoying distraction in between meetings and presentations, it prevents us from staying focused on the work at hand, as we sing this one and only tune in our head. All. Day. Long.

Although it can be fun if a co-worker arrives and finds himself infected with the same LSS. You both can relate to the frustrations of being unable to function properly. You can also burst out in sync to the same song over and over. Over and over…and over. All. Day. Long.

As soon as we step back in our car for the drive home from work, we entertain ourselves again with various melodies from the stereo. Whether or not it’s the same last song from earlier in the day, hopefully we end the drive with a happy  tune, and maybe dinner will be tastier than usual. Just like a boss.


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