Paradise On My Mind

(Day 1 Writing Assignment: Unlock your mind, free writing in 20 minutes.)

I have never really considered myself a writer, let alone a creative one. I have written many business letters, reports and presentations but I have never really tried my hand at real writing, until now. My blog has been up only since mid-May of this year and I have posted several compositions in those few days. It’s been fun and liberating. I write to keep my mind going, like Brain Camp. In the process if I am able to entertain a few readers, I find myself humbled and grateful. I have a newfound passion.

In trying to unlock my mind, I realised that there really isn’t much in there. My family and I are taking off on a trip tomorrow and it is filled with just a mental list of things to pack. I love the beach and I can’t wait to feel the sand on my toes and the sun on my face again. Right now I am deciding which bathing suit to bring, how many pieces of clothing, what outfits to wear…. It’s all pretty trivial but it’s really all that’s up there, but I still have another 10 minutes so I’ll try to dig a little deeper.

Nothing. Just thoughts on the beach and how I can’t wait to smell the sea and touch the sand. I just want to stare into the ocean and take in the beauty and tranquility of my surroundings. I have never really been a creature of luxury. I don’t mind living in spartan conditions for as long as the beach is nearby and waiting for me. Grilled seafood is the best. I have to sink my teeth in some while on this trip. I. Can’t. Wait.

February 2014. Paradise is waiting for me.

February 2014. Paradise is waiting for me.

Is it 20 minutes already? I think I spent too much time looking for this photo to embellish my rather mundane post.


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