My Slice Of Heaven

(Day 2 Writing Assignment : A room with a view or just a view)

Writing this on the Prince Galleon

The waves were glistening under the warm sun. I marvel at the lushness of the marine life beneath the clear blue water. The not-so light breeze, despite leaving my hair in tangles, was fresh and exhilarating.

prince galleon copy

As we finally approach my little slice of paradise, Bucana Beach welcomed us with her usual simplicity and grace. This was to be our home for the next few hours. The beach is just as beautiful as I remember.

stare copyI could spend forever just staring at the blue before me. It was calm and serene. The soft waves lapping gently on the shore. With the sand so soft and fine, we set out barefoot, ready to be captivated by the boundless beauty nature had for us today.flipflops

One of the highlights was finding a group of starfish, seemingly lost on the shore. They were delicate, gentle creatures that had no place under the sun for too long. Wanting to be dutiful to mother nature, we brought each of them home, but not without the mandatory photo ops to document this extraordinary sighting.

starfish grp2 copy

Bucana was clean and quiet, we had the entire beach to ourselves. It was perfect…shore

…until a boatload of people barged in, armed with blaring music, a grill that they intend to fire up and a massive beverage cooler. They also did not forget to bring their energetic spirit, boisterous laughter, and their tipsy demeanor.

Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to share my little slice of heaven.


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