Much Ado About Impromptu

While the rest of the country is wrapping up their summer break, my family and I are just raring to go!

Today is officially our last day of classes. This means I can take a break from the daily school time ritual of constantly nagging Kate to get up, get ready and make it on time. No more homework, no more tests and cramming for projects. All the huffin’ and puffin’ can be exhausting too, even for the Big Bad Wolf. I can relax my lungs and my vocal chords and just stop being the early morning grouch altogether.

baguio2012 copyBeing on break usually means spur of the moment road trips. There are times when we simply take off with only the clothes on our backs to not so unknown territory and just have an adventure. Once we just drove all the way to Baguio on a whim. We marvelled at the sight and scent of the pine trees, a welcome change for full-fledged city dwellers like us.

There was another time when we drove even further and ended up in Baler, Aurora. We passed through the dense mountain ranges of Sierra Madre, and wound up in one of the most charming places in the country. Baler is known as a surfing spot, and Kate didn’t waste much time getting on a surf board for her first lesson. Within an hour, she could ride a small wave quite nicely.

These unplanned trips are not without a few hitches here and there. I guess that’s what makes it more fun and the stories we tell even more entertaining.baler2013 copy

Last night she asked “Mom, what places are we going to for our impromptu trips this summer?”

Well, how would I know?


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