Gentle Giant

We chose him from a litter of six. He was the largest among the males and was pretty much the boss of the pack. The breeder described him as “brusko” (which means ‘domineering’), so from that description we named him Bruce. We were delighted that he shared the same name as the legendary Bruce Lee, the actor and father of martial arts. He was our “Bruce Lu” (our last name is LU), but he didn’t have six-pack abs, nor any superior fighting skills. He was chunky, goofy and rather lazy. He was our gentle giant.



6 thoughts on “Gentle Giant

  1. and he is absolutely adorable! I love bull dogs, well any dog for that matter. I mind them in my home, as another part time job. I have trained them, walked, fed them, cuddled them and given them much love. While their mum and dads are away on holidays. I love that you called him Bruce too Theresa, what a special big boy he is. 🙂

    • Thank you Jenny! He was quite special. We miss him dearly. As you continue to share your comments on my posts (aside from your blogs), I feel like I am getting to know you well. I love that WordPress has made this possible for us. I look forward to your posts and your comments! The weekend is upon us. Have a good one!

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