Early Struggles: The Young And The Neckless

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The Young And The Neckless

Being born in the Year of the Pig, it was also a time when being a fat kid was considered a “healthy kid” and I grew up very, very healthy indeed. Because I packed in so much blubber early on, it took me a while to shave off the surplus, so I stayed “pleasantly plump” for most of my teenage years.

I was never really the type to engage in sports. I wasn’t the athlete, the gymnast nor the dancer but I remember playing outdoors all the time. Despite the fun and games, I continued to have a hefty appetite that my activity levels were insufficient to put an end to my increasing waistline, which was growing well into my teens. By then I had subscribed to fitness magazines where they featured beautiful (and very photoshopped) women, with all the fad diets and current exercise routines that guaranteed effectivity ASAP. They made it all sound so easy and I fell for each and every one of them. Looking back on those years, it’s amazing how I was able to function while at the brink of starvation. I recall deceiving my body into thinking that I wasn’t hungry as I feasted on sodas and saltine crackers all day long. This technique was obviously very wrong and gravely dangerous because despite the self-inflicted food deprivation, I was still rather chubby.

Everything finally took a turn with the dawning of the world’s greatest fitness discovery–Step Aerobics (The cat’s out of the bag. I am a child of the 80’s). I stepped and I stepped. That was my winning formula. I enjoyed it so much that I attended as many classes I could squeeze in a week. On weekends, I would definitely be stepping away all through Sundays, if classes were open. I eventually trimmed down and I was as happy as a pig in the mud. If I had added up all the steps I made at that time, I would have probably roamed around the world–on foot, twice over. I had a visual on my neck. It’s been under my chinny chin-chin all along.

Photo credit: Mike Powell/AllSport

Photo credit: Mike Powell/AllSport


3 thoughts on “Early Struggles: The Young And The Neckless

  1. Oh dear I shouldn’t laugh should I? Well it wasn’t an hysterical laugh more of a little chuckle.especially the young and the neck less – now that was brilliant! 🙂 I think we all grew up chubby is healthy back then, now look at us, half the population is obese. 😦 I had no qualifications but was able to be an Aerobics instructor… Go figure, think Leo Sayer era. I taught every one including myself to step, shimmy and got to a size 8. My body has been through the mill, as I am well approaching (rather too rapidly I may add) my 59th and taking on cleaning houses to subsidise my celebrant work, I am maintaining my weight. I’m not overweight, but the ‘handles’ are there, though a little more floppier now. I felt for you, I also did the cracker routine. I still don’t eat as I should, skipping meals, but my body is used to that now I guess. In saying that going out for lunch today
    🙂 great post lovely.

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