Sink or Swim

I wanted to do something more productive with my spare time so I decided to start this website. I thought “How hard can the latest trend in journalizing be? I’ve been writing Dear Diaries most of my teenage years so this should be easy!”. With pages and volumes of handwritten journals tucked under my belt, I was confident that I can pull this off quite effortlessly. I have never been afraid of a little adventure anyway. So here I am….NOWHERE!

I had written my very first entry and saved it under “Notes” on my iPhone. Thought I’d just copy-paste to the site once I’ve set it up (piece of cake). I signed up for a free website under and had chosen my site theme (easy-peasy). Then my mind went blank. Nothing.  I was stumped, confused and overwhelmed with everything I saw in front of me. It was like trigonometry all over again!  Am I that old and archaic already?  I just didn’t know what to do!

I felt foolish in my outmoded state but I was not going to admit defeat (and my age) by sinking into this gaping hole of ignorance. I was definitely going to learn the ropes on my own. I am a swimmer. I will make this happen. I vowed that my site was going live within the week. I was pumped and raring to go.  I was the ultimate eager-beaver, the most gung-ho of all newbie bloggers. Then….

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 7.44.18 AM

Just. My. Luck.  It’s been over two days.


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