Mama was a very simple woman. Although her simplicity is not to be mistaken for weakness because she is one of the stronger women I have ever met in this planet. She had a way of keeping the family together, making sure we had everything we could ever need and making the most of every situation. She was the anchor of our family. She was after all, our Mama.
Acts of Service was her language of love. She was happy attending to the needs of others. She found joy in giving. She was genuinely selfless and generous, without expecting much in return.

Mama had a sense of humor not everyone knew about. She was reserved most of the time in the presence of people she hardly knew. But to those who knew her well enough, her jokes were painfully corny, crazy and downright silly.

l_4154e_ensaymadak2-_7408bb9f-0de7-4684-a67d-3c24112537ec.v1Mama was a diabetic. She tried to convince everyone that she watches what she eats. Every time she would decline our offer to have dessert, she made us feel guilty for even suggesting something that wasn’t good for her. With a Caramel cake for mommydramatic huff, she would quickly leave the table which gave us the impression that she just wanted to stay clear of any temptation. It was puzzling though, that somehow the pounds (& her sugar levels) just kept creeping up. Soon we found her secret stash of sweets and goodies that not even her grandchildren had access to. Despite all her strength, Almond Roca, ensaymada, Quickly bubble tea & caramel cake were her Achilles Heel, her weaknesses to a fault.

Mama can also be very annoying. I cannot remember a single decision she made without changing her mind a hundred times before carrying it through. For as long as there were a few seconds to the deadline, you can never be sure which way her decision was going to go. It was ridiculous and it drove us all out of our minds.

There was hardly ever a dull moment with Mama. She was full of life and love. Her quirks and idiosyncrasies, although difficult to live with at times, were what made her even more endearing.

It’s still hard to believe that she’s gone. Life will never be the same for us now, when she was so much a part of our daily lives. Her memory is all we have left, and waking up each day feels like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Stepping out into the world is like being the new kid in school. Even after all the dust has settled, it still feels like today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

We miss you Mama.